The Steed Family Edit

Main article: Steed family

The Smiths Edit

  • Jerusha Barden
  • Mary Fielding (Hyrum's second wife)
  • Julia Murdock
  • Joseph Smith III
  • Frederick Granger Williams Smith
  • Alexander Hale Smith
  • Don Carlos Smith
Notes: Joseph's other sisters, Sophronia and Catherine, didn't play major roles in the novels. Hyrum's children from his first marriage, as well as Joseph F. Smith from the marriage to Mary Fielding, were "mentioned briefly".

Other charactersEdit

Fictional Edit

Historical Edit

Minor characters: the Joshua Lewis family, Edward Partridge, Sidney Gilbert, Sylvester Smith, William W. Phelps, Frederick G. Williams, John Boynton, Luke and Lyman Johnson, Isabelle Walton, Joseph Fielding, David W. Patten, Sampson Avard, Amanda Smith, Theodore Turley, John Benbow, Stephen Markham, Israel Barlow, William and Wilson Law, Thomas Sharp, Frank Worell, Isaac Morley, Edmund Durfee, James and Drusilla Hendricks, Eliza R. Snow, Ezra T. Benson, George Miller, Orson and Catharine Spencer, Thomas Rhoads and family, Levinah Murphy, Colonel Philip St. George Cooke, etc.

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